Trolltunga is one of the most impressive mountain formations in Norway. The trip is long at 10 to 12 hours, but the intrepid explorer will be rewarded with a spectacular view and a memory for life.

Summer 10-12 hours 27 km

1 100 meters above sea level

Trolltunga is located 1 100 meters above sea level and is a long and demanding trek. The trek is recommended only for people in good shape and for those who have previous hiking experience. Proper gear is essential and a good set of hiking boots and technical clothing is recommended along with ample supplies of food and drink. If you do not have any hiking experience, it is still possible to make the trek by hiring a seasoned guide in the summer months.

Hikes to Trolltunga primarily take place during the summer months, but there are also guided ski trips in winter for those wanting a proper challenge.

Tips for hiking to Trolltunga:

  • Remember good giking boots and technical gear
  • Start early in the day
  • Bring a map and compass
  • Remember that cellular reception is spotty at best
  • Check the weather forecast – avoid hiking if there’s a lot of wind, rain or fog

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